Shape Your Career From the Inside-Out!

The biggest part of your life is spent at work and in your career. Yet, if you are like most people, you are not really sure how to craft a unique career path that works for you. Whether you are a new graduate, at the mid-point of your career, or looking to refresh to a more mature career, it is critical to make deliberate career choices and apply the practices of career success.

Career transformation is our passion and the focus of our practice for two decades. Through our work and research, we have found the following two pervasive truths:

  • Most people are not fully aware of what they specifically need to be satisfied and happy in their career.
  • Even when people do know what they love to do, they generally don’t know how to form a career around what they love.
Through books and coaching, we have helped people move to a higher level of career success and satisfaction. The principles and practices are the same, however, the answers are unique to each person.

Creating a great career happens from the inside-out and involves four fundamental Phases, what we call the CARE Career Cycle:

Phase 1

Challenge and Change inaccurate assumptions about a career.

Phase 2

Awareness of yourself, surface your core career needs.

Phase 3

Reveal your path, explore career options, and declare.

Phase 4

Execute your plan – shape your role or a targeted job campaign.

To help people apply the CARE Career Cycle we have found Coaching to be a powerful medium to get fast and lasting results.

Our Coaches are certified in the CARE Career Cycle. Each has coached professionals at all levels and in all phases of their career. Working with a coach provides a perfect setting for maximum application, learning, and impact. In coaching we help you apply the principles of sustained career, surfacing your career needs, making enlightened career choices, and applying the practices that will that enable you to be successful and motivated throughout your career.

Our coaching can transform careers and even lives.

Below is the framework we use in individual career coaching. It is an efficient three-step process to surface and shape your career. We would be honored to partner to truly make your career work.


  • Complete online CSi50 and MBTI assessment
    (30 minutes)

  • Complete online background profile
    (10 minutes)

Sessions 1-3

  • One hour in length, in-person, via skype or over the phone.

  • DDM coach will lead you through each stage of the CARE Career Cycle. As you engage in the coaching process, you will emerge with the insight, clarity and path to sustained career engagement.

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We provide resume and LinkedIn development that gets you at the top-of-the-list with companies, recruiters and applicant tracking systems.


Are you in a job transition or need to find a new role?

We support every aspect of your job transition with one-on-one coaching, market research, self-insight assessments, on-demand training, targeted practice, financial planning, resume-Linkedin support, and much more.


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