5 Tips To Create A LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out

As much as you may love or hate it, social media is an important part of a job search. In a recent 2020 survey by Jobvite42% of workers found out about job openings through social media sites—a 10% jump since last year. With the recent shift to online-based work, that percentage is bound to increase. 

So how can you take advantage of this new era of job searching? One way is to make your LinkedIn profile pop. Here are five 5 Tips To Create A LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out To Recruiters:

  1. Make your headline specific. This line underneath your profile picture will entice a potential employer to look at your profile. “Marketer seeking next opportunity” is weak, but “Consumer Products Marketer Looking for Small Brand to Make Big” is sure to elicit a click.
  2. Follow Your Target Companies. Like, follow, and keep up with company news. Not only will your interest show if the company views your profile, but you’ll also be informed if you score an interview.
  3. Broaden Your Network. Connect with your colleagues, past and present, on LinkedIn.  Also, participate in LinkedIn Groups relevant to your field to widen your network and make a footprint in the online professional world. 
  4. Take a Deep Dive. Just like using Facebook to learn more about someone’s profile, use LinkedIn to study about potential hiring managers, bosses, and current employees at a company you might work for. Look at their skills and accomplishments. Reach out to current employees to see if they like their workplace. Essentially, do some research.
  5. Show Some Pizzazz. Upload a video of a speech you gave, a link to an article you wrote, and any other celebratory moment in your career. If a potential employer clicks on your profile, you want to show the best of your professional self.

We hope these tips help you create the best LinkedIn profile possible. If you need additional help to create a LinkedIn Profile that stands out, we can help you create a compelling, optimized LinkedIn profile aligned with your career objectives. If you find yourself wondering what more you could do with your career, or how to find your most authentic self within your job, buy our book Don’t Dread Monday, or Contact Us with any questions. We’re here to help you succeed.