A New Chapter!

Hello! My name is Sydney Frodsham and I’m the new blog curator (or “Career Thought Leader and Blogger,” to use my official title) of Don’t Dread Monday. 

Though I’m new to the Don’t Dread Monday team, I have been writing and editing articles, books, and blogs on various career topics for over five years. From resumes to LinkedIn, networking to interviewing—you name it, I’ve written about it. 

However, I come to this work from a unique background. I also work as an opera singer and am still actively training as a musician. Over my years pursuing an operatic career, I have also discovered a passion for helping others find their place in the job world. As you might notice from my last name, my father is Joe Frodsham, co-writer of Don’t Dread Monday. Growing up, I would listen to his philosophies and ideas about how to have a fulfilling career and what that truly meant. His influence is what propelled me toward opera singing and what also pushed me to expand my career vision.

I’ve applied his philosophies of discovering your core needs and following your passion. Now, I’m working to help others achieve the same.

As you already know, the Don’t Dread Monday blog is a great resource for any career-related topic, from step-by-step instructions to more general advice. I hope to expand and add to the catalog, giving more people access to important information that could potentially kickstart their careers.

Over the next few months, I’ll be continuing to cover issues related to each stage of the job-search process. I’ll also be writing on some other, very relevant topics, including working from home and personal branding

Above all, I’m writing this for you. If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, any stone I’ve left unturned, please reach out and let me know. I’m excited to take this journey together.