Are you dissatisfied with your Career? Perhaps you need to CARE

Studies have shown that career success is illusive for many, if not most, of us.  At any point, the majority of employed adults have a level of dissatisfaction with their job and career.  We can vouch for this fact!  In our firm’s work with thousands of professionals over the years we have found that most people are in the midst of a mediocre career.  This fact has a large impact on every other aspect of their life.

As a firm, CMP is committed to helping people rectify this career disillusionment. 

At the core of helping people craft a great career is a profoundly important but simple fact:

Each career path is different

The career you chose should be a choice based upon your unique interests and passions, or what we call your core career needs.  So although the career choice and answer may be different for each person, the path is the same.

In our recently released book “Don’t Dread Monday: A Guide to a Lifetime of Career Success” we outline a four-phased approach to develop your unique career.  This path is represented by the CARE Model.  In the CARE Model, each phase builds on the previous one, and results in the self-insight and actions necessary for a person to arrive at the right career destination. 



It starts with the first phase- Challenge and Change. In this phase, you assess your current level of career success and highlight the pervasive career myths that may be limiting you.  Adopting the related career truths is critical to building the foundation for a career of sustained success.

Awareness of Self is the second phase and it is critical to setting the foundation of career success. In this Phase you walk through a process for identifying your passions and embedded interests.  At the heart of this phase are your unique career core needs.  The career core needs are your source code for career engagement.

Reveal the Path is the third phase in which you methodically review the career options and make a clear choice that will begin to set your career in lively motion. In this phase, you turn your self-insight into a career declaration.

Execute is the culmination of the learnings and decisions in the previous three phases, moving into a deliberate career strategy through application of the Reframe, Refine, and Retrench framework and four practices for shaping your career.

Bottom line . . . it is possible to craft a career of sustained engagement and success.  If you, or anyone close to you, could use a career refresh, visit  On the site you can complete a short 7-minute survey – the Career Success Indicator - that will outline your current level of career engagement and success.