Can I Really Have A Career That I Love?

As adults we spend the biggest part of our lives working in our career, so if it’s a mediocre career, often it translates into a mediocre life, an existence that is just okay with some ups and some downs.  And unfortunately, those who want a better than average career and life are often frustrated as they work hard and follow the accepted career advice but still experience little career mobility and or a constant sense of dissatisfaction.  When their efforts don’t bear fruit, they give up hoping and trying, and start treating their job as a “nine-to-five necessity”.

Can you relate?

Back to the question - Can I Really Have A Career That I Love?


Opportunities don’t just happen, you need to create them; but, you don’t have to do it alone - find a coach.

An effective career coach can guide you through the process of finding your passions, strengths, and increase your Career Success Indicator,(CSi50).

There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

So, whether you feel flat out stuck, struggling to land that next big promotion, need resume help, interview confidence or attempting a career transformation – a career coach can help you through the process to create a career that you love.  

Here Are Five Ways to Create a Career That You Love:

  • Know your CSi50 - The Career Success Indicator (CSi50) is the culmination of years of research. Completing the CSi50 will provide you with deep and immediate insight into your current level of career health and success.
  • Get to your core – Uncovering your passionate core begins by looking at each of your passions and asking yourself – what does this do for me personally?
  • Find your career fit – In a very real way, your career work is your life work. You need to use your newly uncovered passionate core needs to assess your level of alignment in your current work.
  • Declare Your Career – This is a note to yourself describing the direction you will take your career and why. As you venture down your chosen career path, your career declaration will be a constant source of energy and focus.
  • Shape Your Career – Emerging from the previous steps you have the level of passion and clarity necessary to build an exciting and successful career – and look forward to the start of the work week! This starts by looking at your current role and decide on the level of change needed by using one of the three role change strategies – Reframe, Refine, and Retrench outlined in Don’t Dread Monday.

For most of us, the organizations or companies in which we work have a significant impact on our happiness and quality of life. However, organizations are not in the business of accommodating our loves and needs. In fact, there are subtle but strong forces in organizations that can distance us from what we love and need.

The good news is this: You don’t have to wait for your organization to change to find greater passion and fulfillment in your career. 


If you are looking for support in shaping your career or transitioning to a new job, or if you simply need an amazing resume and LinkedIn profile professional branding assistance, our consultants and technology will help you move forward with clarity, focus and success. To learn more about Don’t Dread Monday Career Coaching Click Here.