Career Myths Vs Truths #8: There are No Limits

In our book, Don’t Dread Monday, we highlight ten career myths and their corresponding truths. This is the eighth blog post in which we explore these myths/truths more in-depth, continuing to tackle how you can find true meaning and success in your career.

Career Myth #8: My ability to achieve is limited. 

When I was in high school, my English teacher told me I “wasn’t college material.” I was completely taken aback. Not college material? I can’t even say his words hurt my feelings—if anything, it lit a fire in me. As a brown woman, growing up in a border town to divorced, immigrant parents, I had an intense desire to beat the statistics that told me I wouldn’t succeed. I didn’t want to limit my potential, because I felt like my potential had no limits.

But what if I had taken his words to heart? What if I had believed what my teacher had told me and instead gone to cosmetology school, as he suggested?

Too often we allow others to define our self-worth and put borders around our success. We may tell our friends, families, and mentors about our aspirations only to have them respond negatively or with apathy. This can crush our goals before we’ve even had a chance to start achieving them.

The most successful people I know have all broken limits. They didn’t listen to people who thought they were crazy. They focused on their dreams, their goals, with purpose, not allowing others’ perceptions—or even their own perceptions—of whether or not they could achieve them get in their way.

That’s not to say our focus won’t waver from time to time. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in my life, but I’ve been sidetracked from my goals in the past. What’s important is that I’ve picked myself up, rerouted, and gotten back on track.

I’ve come a long way since that high school conversation over twenty years ago. I’ve been a teacher, an author, a mother, a CEO, and am currently finishing my dissertation for my Ph.D. I know that allowing myself to dream led me to where I am today, which is why it’s so important to remember the eighth career truth:

Career Truth #8: Focus on your dreams, not perceived limitations. 

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