Career Success Indicator: Measuring Your Level of Career Satisfaction

How your job is really going? Sometimes it’s obvious if you hate your career, but it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. I’ve found it’s valuable to sit down and take some time for introspection every once and a while—do a check-up on your career health. At Don’t Dread Monday, we’ve developed a career assessment —the Career Success Indicator (CSi50)—that assesses your current job satisfaction on a scale of 0 - 50.

So, take five minutes to complete our Career Success Indicator (CSi50). Unlike most career assessments, the CSi50 is not testing your aptitude for certain career paths, but instead measuring your level of satisfaction in your career right now. Take it, and come on back when you’ve completed it. 

Now that you’re back let’s talk about what to do if your score was between 41 and 50, otherwise known as a an engaging career role.  The question is - are you normally in this state of career satisfaction?  For many, it is a transitory state.  It is good to know the core needs that are being met so you can manage your career to stay in the 40+ career zone.

If your score is below 40, check out our blog on How to Escape a Mediocre Career.

I always love hearing that people love their jobs. I want everyone to love their career and find fulfillment in it. Hopefully taking the CSi50 was insightful.

That being said, unless you scored a 50, there is still room for improvement within your job, even if you love it. Even when we’re following our passion, working our dream job, we may find that not all of our needs are being met.

For instance, my daughter is an opera singer who is currently working as a young artist with an opera company. This is a job she’s been working towards for years, and there are many aspects of it that she loves. However, once settling into her work, she realized that not all of her core needs were being met. After this realization, she came to me and discussed some ways she might tweak her work-life to better align it with what she wants and needs out of a career. Since our conversation, she’s felt even more invigorated and willing to work on projects now that she’s addressed the one or two things that were leaving her unfulfilled. 

I was able to help my daughter as her father, but also as a career coach. The changes she made weren’t major by any stretch, but they still made all the difference in her life. Like going to the doctor for a check-up, it’s always a good idea to have an appointment with a professional every once and a while to make sure your career is running as smoothly as it can. At Don’t Dread Monday, we have a group of experienced and compassionate career coaches who know how to fine-tune your career. I encourage you to consider a “check-up” on your career. You might be surprised by how much it helps you.

If you have any more questions about career coaching or the Don’t Dread Monday tools for taking control of your career, visit or call us at 800.680.7768. We look forward to hearing from you.