CARE for Your Career

CARE for Your Career 


You won’t need to talk to many people before you find someone who is dissatisfied with their career. That someone might even be you. You might feel stuck, scared to leave, or even think finding happiness in your career is pointless.  


I’m here to tell you that career disillusionment doesn’t have to be your default. 


If I could give you, reader, one takeaway from this blog and all the blogs I write, it’s this:  


You deserve to have a happy, healthy, fulfilling career, and . . . there is a methodology to taking control of your career. 


In the book Don’t Dread Monday (yes, this site is named after the book), our founding career experts Joe Frodsham and Maryanne Piña-Frodsham developed a four-phased approach to help you create your unique career. Each phase gives you deeper self-insight, knowledge, and courage to act on what you’ve learned about your career needs. 


Let me introduce you to the CARE Model. 


Phase 1: Challenge and Change 


Phase 2: Awareness of Self 

  • Identify your passions and interests. 
  • Discover your unique core needs. 


Phase 3: Reveal the Path 

  • Write a career declaration. 


Phase 4: Execute 

  • Make a career strategy. 
  • Start your new life! 



Everyone’s career is unique. However, there is a proven path to find your unique career.  That’s why taking the time to go through the CARE Model is essential to carving out your own space in the world of work.  


If this post resonates with you, I would begin by purchasing the book Don’t Dread Monday, which outlines these phases in more detail, with exercises and examples to guide you. 


A next step would be talking with a career coach. We have career programs for any stage of your career, from job search to massive career shifts. 


Above all, remember to CARE for your career. 


(I couldn’t help the pun; I apologize!) 


Happy CARE-ing!