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  • How to (Actually) Network: How to Behave

    The best way to become comfortable in networking situations is to practice. You may feel awkward at first but, like exercising a muscle, over time, it will become easier, and networking will cease to be a daunting task.
  • How to (Actually) Network: Staying in Touch with Your Network

    Remember, cultivating and maintaining a network is absolutely crucial, whether you’re searching for a job or not.
  • Searching for a New Role? Networking and Job Boards at Top Says SFG Research Study

    How do you find a new role in today's job market? As an outplacement firm we get asked that question every day.
  • If You’re Not Networking, You’re Not Working

    Remember, if you’re not networking, you’re not working. Continue to build strong credibility, expand your current list of contacts, and build relationships.
  • How to (Actually) Network: Research Meetings

    Research meetings occur in your networking journey when you are seeking information about a specific job, industry, or profession. These types of meetings are ideal if you’re a recent college graduate deciding which career direction you want to pursue or if you’ve decided to change careers and need more information before (and while) you take the plunge.
  • How to (Actually) Network: Advice Meetings

    At this point in your journey, you’ll be initiating advice meetings. These sorts of meetings are good to do always, and they are especially important if you are looking for a job, or thinking of switching careers or industries. 
  • How to (Actually) Network: The Groundwork

    Networking is gathering advice, information, and contacts from people with more experience than you who may be in the same field you’re interested in. 

  • The Advantages of Networking

    The art of networking is not about asking people for jobs, but rather gathering advice, information, and outside contacts from people with more experience than you or who are in the same field you’re interested in.